Megumi and Tsugumi’s dust jacket shown

Megumi and Tsugumi’s dust jacket shown

Arechi Manga He has shown on his Twitter account the design of the Spanish edition the long-awaited dust jacket of which will be first omegaverse to land in Spain, Megumi and Tsugumifrom Mitsuru Yes. The first volume of this series has an expected release date of next april.

Megumi and Tsugumi was one of the three licenses announced by the publisher at the end of the year and is the first license on the omegaverse, a new genre dominated by alphas and omegasand with the particularity that men can get pregnant. This sleeve of Mitsuru Yes has been published since 2018 in the magazine Q PA of the Takeshobo publishing house and has to date four compiled volumesSo it stays open.

Megumi, an Alpha, son of the great president of Kokonoe Academy, is going to avenge her friends who were beaten by a yankee wielding a metal pipe. But that Yankee is Tsugumi, an Omega who doesn’t use suppressants and deals with his heat with sheer force of will. Tsugumi detests all alphas because they consider omegas only tools for reproduction and has sworn to kill them all. Megumi, whose behavior is different from other alphas, confuses Tsugumi and leaves him torn between rage and desireā€¦ Source: Arechi Manga

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