Megalo Box Season 2 Episode 12 Release Date & Preview

Megalo Box season 2 episode 12 is right around the corner and the fandom is all excited because it’s all-time to pull the socks up and go on from the point where everyone left off as the story prevailing is taking everyone by storm and more to see to what would happen in the story.

Story plot- Megalo Box Season 2

When Joe was Gearless, he got reigned as the Megalonia champion to shine over his name and do a lot more in this. Megalomania was commonly known as the first tournament to ever be a magalobox that would actually decide the champion who would be potent enough to stand out. In the making of himself, Joe worked hard to stand in a position where he is at the moment as to become the most lethal fight and feared one and he keeps on going until and unless he go through a loss of knockout where then he shall disappear for many years.

Megalo Box season 2 episode 12

Megalo Box season 2 episode 12 spoilers!!

There are no such spoilers at the moment because they usually gets out a few days before the release date but from what we have is that Mac will accept to fight Joe and that what we could actually see in the next episode to come.

Megalo Box season 2 episode 12

Previously in episode 11

Previously in the show, it was shown how doctors were giving their explanation regarding the brain damage that the boxers suffered and what led to death. At the moment, Ochio makes his arrival and questions where is Sachio and that fact has been bothering him for a while. The boys then came ahead when they told him that Sachio went along in order to receive his things from the Dark Monk. Episode 12 would actually lead from this point going forward with their facts.

Megalo Box season 2 episode 12

Megalo Box Season 2 Episode 12 release date and Where to watch

Megalo Box season 2 episode 12 is scheduled to release on 20th June, 2021 where the story shall move forward and if you want to cover more in the story of Megalo Box and to know what would happen as the story would go then you can head to AnimeLab as it is available to watch there.


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