Meet Lynda Rooke: Actress From The Longest Running TV Soap Opera

Coronation Street — is touted as the longest and the oldest running television soap opera in history stamped by the Guinness World Record. Till now in 2022, it has aired 10,200 episodes since its debut in the year 1960. Get to Know about Lynda Rooke, an actress playing the role of Lucy Woodrow, Stu Carpenter’s ex-wife in the British show.

She has caught the eyes of the audience. In the industry for the last five decades, she has acted in many shows showing a different side of her every time. Her filmography is nothing but fascinating- working in various supporting roles and lasting that long in the arena. Let’s know a little more about her.

Who is Lynda Rooke?

Lynda Rooke is a British actress and has worked in a plethora of shows- Naked (1993), Coronation Street, Bad Move (2017-2018), Albion Market (1995-1986), Casualty, Grand Hill, Endeavour (2013-2021), Waking the Dead (2009) to name a few from the lot. She was born in the year 1953 on October 3 in Lancaster, Lancashire, UK. As of 2022, she is 69 Years old. It is not the first time, Rooke has made an appearance on Coronation Street.

As many as 4 different characters have been played by Lynda. Lynda portrayed Laura Collins, Ingram’s Textiles machinist. Then, the role of Rovers reinstated manager, Ruth Horner, in the year December 2000. Rooke reappeared with another Character Elena Jacobs, the coordinator of the soup Kitchen. Now in 2022, she is back on the screen and can be seen as person Lucy Woodrow. The senior actress is quite active on social media spaces- Instagram and Twitter and interacts with her followers. 

Rooke also has a theatre experience as an outstanding performer. She had played roles in Charlotte Bronte’s popular Jane Eyre, Beauty and the beast, A Taste of Honey, and the last Yankee. Lynda Rooke has also played the role of Pat Phoenix, a figure who later became the first sex symbol in Britain Television history. The play was titled “The Queen of the North” by Octagon in Bolton.

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Married Life And Kids

Lynda Rooke

Lynda Rooke is happily married to Andy Hay and resides in Bristol, England. They both have 3 children. Names of which two are known- Jody Hay and Bonnie Hay. The name of the third child is not known. 

By profession, Andy is a director notable for his works- Waking the dead, The last kingdom, Lucky man, The musketeers, New Tricks, and many others. He was born in the year 1968 so he might be 68 years old as of 2022. The exact Marriage date of Andy-Rooke is not available but they have been together for a long time. Both figures belong to the same industry and have a mutual understanding of each other’s work.

Their first encounter with each other was at Octagon- Andy had the reins of the theatre from the year 1987-1991. She met him when she acted in  Jim Cartwright’s play ‘Road.’ The Endeavour actress expressed that there is a sense of familiarity between her and husband Andy Hay.

Net Worth 

Lynda Rooke

Lynda Rooke has been working in the show business for a very long time. Her net worth value might be around $2 Million. She has appeared in umpteen TV shows even if they are in supporting roles. This amount is a testament to her hard work over the years.

Currently, she can be seen in the British soap opera Coronation Street created by showrunner Tony Warren streaming on ITV. 

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