Meet BBC Radio 4 Journalist Gabriel Gatehouse. Know The Russian Connection And Net Worth!

For those who are not aware, Gabriel Gatehouse is a highly acclaimed editor, journalist, and columnist. He is serving in the position of News correspondent for the British TV Program BBC Newsnight. He covers all range of breaking news from across the globe and serves it fresh and piping hot to the informed citizens.

Read the article to know about this BBC Radio 4 Journalist’s proactive commentary on Russian politics, opinions on Vladimir Putin, and about the death of Russian Political analyst Alexander Dugin. Know about the reporter’s career history, struggles, personal life, and estimated net worth in 2022.

Who is Gabriel Gatehouse?

Gabriel Gatehouse works for the trusted news broadcasting company BBC as a News correspondent. He is also the host of the TV show and Podcast ‘The Coming Storm‘ which focuses on the dark underbelly and undergrowth of the Modern day America. It comprises of total 9 episodes. The career history of Gatehouse has been exceptionally fascinating as he has covered various important events in world history. At the beginning of his career in the year 2001, he started with the Russian Language service for BBC radio.

His former years in the BBC have been full of pivotal experiences that shaped the early years of his journalism career. He served as a correspondent in East Africa, the Middle East, and the former soviet union. BBC Radio 4 Journalist was born and brought up in the capital city of London. 

Since childhood, he had an interest in reading news from around the world and then reciting it like confident a news anchor. When all of Gatehouse’s friends preferred video games to kill time, he read and listened to world affairs to utilize the time. Gabriel worked hard to achieve his dream of becoming a News Journalist. Eventually, it bore fruit and he became a part of the Russian Language division of BBC.

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Gabriel’s Russian Commentary 

Gabriel Gatehouse

As a Journalist, it is his duty to report and inform the citizens about what’s happening in the world. Gabriel Gatehouse is a prolific reporter and knows when to give an opinion on issues. He has been active on Twitter tweeting about the topic of discussion in his podcasts. In one of the tweets he wrote-

Alexander Dugin is not “Putin’s brain.” He’s a man who roughly a decade ago provided a kind of intellectual underpinning for what Putin sees as Russia’s historic mission as geopolitical counterweight to the U.S. I interviewed him 5 years ago.”

The reporter’s bio rightly says so a teller of stories short and long. Indeed!

Personal Life

Gabriel Gatehouse

Gabriel Gatehouse is married. However, not much has been known apart from this fact. The host of the coming storm likes to keep his personal life strictly personal, as it seems. It is known that Gabriel looks forward to Christmas and other yearly holidays to spend some quality time with his family. Since he remains busy and on reporting trips all year long. There is no information about whether he is blessed with children or not. 

Recently, Gabriel was shortlisted for the Orwell Prizes 2022. It is Britain’s most esteemed prize accorded for political writing. 

Net Worth of Gabriel Gatehouse

Gabriel Gatehouse has been working in the Journalism Industry for the last two decades. His experience, hard work, and quality reporting have enabled him to live a life of good fortune. A BBC reporter is also paid better than their other journalist counterparts working for other firms. Gabriel’s net worth might range between $1 -$1.5 Million. As for the year 2022, his income might reach $100,000.

You can read his opinion pieces and news coverages on BBC and various other print media like- The Sunday Times.

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