MBC’s “Showtime Begins”, Fourth Teaser

«From Now On Showtime» (literally: «From now on, Show Time!», or also «Showtime Begins!”, “|The Show Begins!”), is a fantasy romantic comedy about a magician and a policewoman. The drama has the genres Mystery, Comedy, Romance, Supernatural. Park Haejin He will play the male lead Cha Cha Woo, a charismatic magician who also has the ability to see and manipulate ghosts. Jin Ki Joo She will be playing Go Seul Hae, a passionate police officer who has a mysterious secret. Aiming to join the criminal affairs division, Go Seul Hae works passionately on all matters. As she becomes involved with the bold and headstrong magician Cha Cha Woong, an interesting story begins to unfold. The new teaser gets off to an interesting start with close-ups of Cha Cha Woong and Go Seul Hae in the present day and centuries ago. Regarding their mysterious relationship, Choi Geom comments, “There is a knot between them that has not been undone.” The romantic atmosphere only lingers for a moment before Cha Cha Woong and Go Seul Hae get into an argument again in the present day. Cha Cha Woong angrily comments, “We have a lousy relationship. Unfortunate!” He later asks Go Seul Hae, “Are you going to take responsibility for my life?” She responds with the same amount of anger: “Why do you keep asking me to take responsibility?” In a calmer environment, Cha Cha Woong offers Go Seul Hae a deal, saying, “I will find the helmet and you will catch the criminal.” Go Seul Hae replies, “I will accept that deal.” “From Now, Showtime!” will premiere on April 23 at 9 p.m. my will have 16 episodes of Mystery, Comedy, Romance and Fantasy. With the direction of the PD Lee Hyung-min from “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon«, 2017; «Chocolate«, 2019. The script is from the writer Ha Yoon Ahwho wrote “Mystic Pop-Up Bar«. PS: I hate MBC, I can watch their videos for a short time, but not share them, so I wish you can watch this teaser!! Credits Soompi

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