MBC’s “From Now On Showtime” First Teaser

Wow, this is a real surprise! MBC promoting their upcoming Kdrama with a teaser instead of “giving away pictures??!! Since August of last year, the confirmation of the cast was announced for «From Now On Showtime” with Park Haejin and Jin Ki Joo in the main roles…”From Now On Showtime» (literally: «From now on, Show Time!», or also «Showtime Begins«), is a fantasy romantic comedy about a magician and a policewoman. The drama has the genres Mystery, Comedy, Romance, Supernatural. Park Haejin He will play the male lead Cha Cha Woo, a charismatic magician who also has the ability to see and manipulate ghosts. Jin Ki Joo She will be playing Go Seul Hae, a passionate police officer who has a mysterious secret. Aiming to join the criminal affairs division, Go Seul Hae works passionately on all matters. As she becomes involved with the bold and headstrong magician Cha Cha Woong, an interesting story begins to unfold. The first released video takes a look at the script reading and shares a sneak peek of what we’ll see in the drama. The scenes begin with Go Seul Hae yelling, “What is all this!?” Cha Cha Woong calmly replies, “Ghosts.” Her unlikely relationship begins there, with Go Seul Hae trying to uphold justice and Cha Cha Woong trying to keep business from him. However, the trailer takes a dark turn as the two become entangled in numerous crimes and mysterious cases. As she cries, Go Seul Hae says, “I’m sorry. Because I’m missing so much, I couldn’t catch a criminal who was right in front of me.” Cha Cha Woong then says, “From now on, showtime.” Later, Cha Cha Woong explains that his motto is “Short, thick, and easy!” He adds: “That means I have to increase my likability a lot.” As Cha Cha Woong and Go Seul Hae begin to work together more, he announces, “I definitely have to work with Go Seul Hae no matter what.” The drama does not have a confirmed premiere date yet, but it was said to air this coming spring (in Korea). Good luck!! Credits Soompi

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