MBC’s “Boar Hunting” Confirms Leads

Actors Park Ho San , Ye Soo Jung Y Kim Soo Jin are part of the cast for the new MBC drama “ Boar Hunting«(literal title, also «Wild Boar Hunting«). The drama series is a mystery thriller set in a village, where the villagers go to the mountain to hunt wild boar. The script was the winner of the MBC Drama Script Content in 2021.”Boar Hunting” will air later this year in South Korea. Synopsis: While the boar hunt continues in a normal rural town, a missing person case occurs. Around the fact, the secrets that the villager had jealously guarded are revealed one by one. Young Soo (Park Ho San) is a middle-aged man in the rural town. He is married to Chae-Jung (Kim Soo Jin)). One day, Young-Soo goes to the mountain to hunt wild boar with his friends. The boars damage the crops in the village. While on the mountain, Young-Soo faces an unexpected situation. A Park Ho San I just saw it “Monstrous» from TVING. Ok Soon (Ye Soo Jung) lives with her grandson since her son and daughter-in-law died in a fire. Ok-Soon believes that some people in town set the fire. She doesn’t trust the villagers and, after being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, she distrusts them even more. To Mrs. Ye Soo Jung, I enjoyed her in «One the Woman» from SBS, but she is a constant presence in dramaland, with recent examples including «jirisan» and will soon appear in «link» and «insider«. Chae-Jung is Young-Soo’s wife. She often explodes with anger at Young-Soo, but otherwise she is a caring person. Due to her personality, she is popular with the villagers. After her son goes missing the day Young-Soo is hunting boars, she is left mentally devastated. I don’t feel like it for a very popular drama, I say to its protagonists we see them frequently in dramas, but not in leading roles, except Park Ho San, but I’ll wait to see it, even though it’s from MBC. The production will only have 4 episodes of Thriller and mystery genres. The address is from the PD Son Yeon HwaThe Red Sleeve” Y “When I Was the Most Beautiful«), the script is from Jo Beom Gi, for whom this is his first script. Asianwiki Credits

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