Matilde Cano dresses 2022: 17 sophisticated godmother dresses to make a grand entrance arm in arm with the groom

The godmother occupies a leading and very special role on the wedding day. Her arrival arm in arm with the groom is one of the most special and emotional moments of the wedding, that is why the choice of her style has to be up to the moment According to the protocol, the godmother has to go long, it does not matter if the wedding It is during the day or in the afternoon, and it is always possible to wear a headdress or mantilla (in daytime weddings all the guests can wear a headdress) to complete their styling.

Matilda Cano is one of the guest firms with the greatest variety of proposals, that is why we offer you these sophisticated godmother dresses, simple models with details and in trend colors, perfect for surprising guests.

Dresses that look like two pieces

Mother of the Bride Dress 2021 10

Godmother’s collection is very wide and we see different types of dresses but all of them with classic airs with flattering trend cuts. False two-piece designs because it is a peplum dress with movement thanks to the details of the side ruffles or cape models.

Mc Godmother Nov 2021 0377

Mc Godmother Nov 2021 0253

Matilde Cano's wedding dresses combine style, simplicity and elegance

Details that make the difference

Mother of the Bride Dress 2021 11

Ideal are the romantic models in powdery colors with beading or lace details that give it that classic godmother touch, the central opening that gives it a sexy touch, and the maxi bow for a youthful look.

Mc Godmother Nov 2021 0143

Mc Godmother Nov 2021 0035 1

Mc Godmother Nov 2021 0139

Matilde Cano's wedding dresses combine style, simplicity and elegance

The most austere models for simple godmothers

Mother of the Bride Dress 2021 05

The most classic dresses are simple, austere and even minimalist, with only the detail of a matching sash to accentuate the waist. Perfect models for the most austere bridesmaids.

Mc Godmother Nov 2021 0058

Mc Godmother Nov 2021 0200

Oversized cut designs

Mc Godmother Nov 2021 0401

Oversize cuts are a trend and that is why the brand also proposes designs that move away from straight silhouettes to give way to broader ones or replace the straight silhouette with slightly flared skirts.

Mc Godmother Nov 2021 0423

Mc Godmother Nov 2021 0143

Ruffles, flowers and bows

Mc Godmother Nov 2021 0292

Ruffles, flowers and bows… details that are responsible for giving the designs an extra touch of sophistication so that they are not so simple but without becoming baroque. Just the right detail, accompanied by bows, satin belts and satin cuffs, a contrast of fabrics that is impeccable.

Mc Godmother Nov 2021 0097

Mc Godmother Nov 2021 0229

Mother of the Bride Dress 2021 03

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