Matías Urrea, ex of Ainhoa ​​Arteta, of romantic dinner with the journalist Marta Jaumandreu

Famous couples Matías Urrea

According to the program ‘Socialité’, Corvette Captain Matías Urrea and TVE journalist Marta Jaumandreu could be having a romantic relationship

While Ainhoa ​​Arteta I know emotionally undressed with Bertín Osborne in ‘My house is yours’, her ex-husband, the lieutenant commander Matias Urrea, was surprised with a supposed new partner, also known, the TVE journalist Marta Jaumandreu. The ‘Socialité’ program broadcast some images in which this hypothetical new couple was seen dining in a restaurant in a rather affectionate attitude. The appointment took place in a luxury restaurant in the center of Madrid. According to a witness, the two talked a lot, as is often the case on first dates, and they looked very complicit and enthusiastic about each other. The witness even explained that Marta Jaumandreu dared to kiss her and that, at the end of dinner, they left the restaurant together. Marta Jaumandreu is 50 years old and currently presents the regional news program for TVE in the community of Madrid. Matías Urrea, 47, separated from the soprano Ainhoa ​​Arteta in September of last year. Ainhoa ​​declared in February that “things went wrong when I asked for time.” The singer had been suffering from various –and serious– health problems for several months that kept her away from the stage, but her marriage to Matías Urrea did not work out as they would have liked. Urrea was about to sit in a ‘Deluxe’, but her interview was canceled at the last moment. According to the military officer, Ainhoa ​​is a “diva” who likes to “splurge”. In the previous interview he did for that program and from which some advances were extracted to promote it, Urrea stated: “I have poured myself personally, professionally, attending to you, going shopping… I have even had to ironing the dress in the dressing room. When I introduced myself, sometimes it was her husband, sometimes it was whoever it was and sometimes it was ‘my current partner’. Until one day I told her: ‘If I’m not your husband, I’m not your husband, but save yourself this silly back and forth because you look bad and you make me look ridiculous”.Matías Urrea and Ainhoa ​​Arteta during their honeymoon in the Maldives, in July 2019. Instagram @matias_urrea_c

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