Marvel Studios and the box office, again “everything at once in (almost) everywhere”

Obviously and to no one’s surprise,’Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness‘ has hit it in its premiere throughout all corners of the known universe… except Russia and China. Rounding up, its worldwide collection in five days amounts to at least 450 million (always) dollars, at least 185 of them collected in 4,534 theaters in the United States and none in those of Russia and China, the latter country where the members of the MCU don’t seem to be welcome anymore. A new success for Marvel Studios. And there are a few. Obviously, and as is the film itself, a surprise to no one and even if it were the case, almost at least as if it were to comply with the file rather than a success in itself. A success, strictly speaking, such as that of ‘All at once everywhere‘, in this case somewhat less predictably and somewhat more pleasantly. Thanks to word of mouth and its stupendous week-to-week maintenance, the Daniels’ film adds 41.5 million in a month and a half, making it the fourth highest-grossing film distributed by A24 in history. For now. Soon it will exceed 44 million for ‘Hereditary’, and it has almost 49 for ‘Lady Bird’ and 50 for ‘Diamonds in the rough’, data that refers only to the United States. And anyway, that’s all for now in this universe. Well, almost everything: Just add (or remember) that this weekend it has also been released in some Spanish cinemas ‘Red Rocket‘, a film also distributed in the United States by A24 that is very worthwhile. Cast.

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