Marta Riesco and Antonio David Flores together, the image that confirms their reconciliation

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The ‘Viva la vida’ Program has exclusively broadcast the first images of Marta Riesco and Antonio David Flores together after their controversial separation

throughout the last few days, Martha Riesco He has played the mistake in relation to his possible reconciliation with Antonio David Flores. The reporter from ‘El Programa de AR’ confirmed that she had had a conversation with RocĂ­o Flores’ father and judging by the images published exclusively by ‘Viva la vida’ this Saturday, that talk was decisive in giving her love a second chance .This Friday Marta Riesco and Antonio David Flores were captured by the cameras of ‘Viva la vida’ while They were enjoying dinner at a popular Madrid restaurant. After dinner, the couple moved to the house they shared and spent the night together. Around 11 in the morning, they left the home together in the journalist’s car where they were seen sharing various gestures of complicity and affection.Marta Riesco and Antonio David Flores together after their Mediaset breakup As confirmed by Marta Riesco to the companions of ‘Viva la vida’, the couple has enjoyed a relaxing massage. Although the protagonists have not wanted to confirm the evidence, the smile of the reporter from ‘The AR Program’ says it all. Judging by her continuous entrances and exits, it seems that the former civil guard has accepted the desperate request of his girlfriend and he is determined to live his romance naturally.

They will spend the birthday separately

This Sunday, Antonio David Flores will be 47 years old, an anniversary that he will spend in Malaga with his children and his closest friends, but will Marta Riesco be there? Everything seems to indicate that not… The former civil guard will travel to the Andalusian city tonight to stay with his young children since Olga Moreno has professional commitments to face in Madrid. The Sevillian will reappear publicly in the Debate of ‘Survivors 2022’ as a defender of her friend Ana Luque.

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