Marta Peñate sends a message to a partner of ‘Survivors 2022’

Martha Penate He has already set course for Honduras but before that he wanted to send a message to one of his companions from ‘Survivors 2022’. The protagonists have been isolated in a hotel for 24 hours without any possibility of communicating, but chance has wanted the Canarian I have heard a colleague criticize her, something that the former participant of ‘The Island of Temptations’ is not willing to tolerate. Before her mobile phone was seized, Marta Peñate shared a message addressed to her “neighbour’s room” with her thousands of followers. With a higher tone than usual and her characteristic sense of humor, she said, “Please, Do you mind stopping giving birth to me?” Tony Spina’s girlfriend has reminded him that “the walls are very thin and I can hear you making me give birth, but well, nothing, see you soon”, has reminded him. Will it be Anabel Pantoja, Tania Medina, Charo Vega? Martha He has preferred not to reveal the name of his first enemy although knowing the former great sister, it won’t be long before she publicly recriminates him as soon as she has the opportunity. Of course, a few days ago he recognized that there was a participant that he did not particularly like but he wanted to “give opportunities”. Will they match?
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Marta Peñate’s goal in ‘Survivors 2022’

The Canary Islander sets course for Honduras aware that this adventure will be something unforgettable and without being able to deny that she will “fuck it” over and over again. Marta shared a heartfelt message on Instagram in which she assured that one of her greatest goals is to improve herself, aware that the ghost of hunger will follow her closely: “I don’t promise to win but I promise to be strong (…) I hope make them smile through the screen, and hopefully improve myself and give everything”, she concluded before saying goodbye.

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