Marta López Álamo talks about her weight and reveals what her real measurements are

What raises most curiosity in Marta López Álamo is her weight. Every time the model gives her followers the opportunity to ask her a question, one of the most repeated is the number that marks her scale. Kiko Matamoros’s girlfriend has been very honest with her fans and far from what you might think, she doesn’t need to weigh herself to stay at her optimal weight and look spectacular. “Weight is a number,” Marta recalled before revealing the time he has spent without getting on a scale: Seven years!, a statement that has shocked his thousands of Instagram followers. “I don’t need to weigh myself. My measurements are useful for my work,” she pointed out while she revealed that At 1.76m tall, he is accompanied by almost perfect measurements of 83-59-90.Marta López Álamo has recognized that in addition to a good diet and sports, genetics also influences. “My constitution is like this. I have a very small waist, my sister is the same.”Marta López Álamo talks about her weight Instagram @martalopezalamo After overcoming such a complicated stage as the ED (Eating Behavior Disorders), Marta assures that measuring 1-2 centimeters more “does not affect me or conditions me.” The model has taken advantage this publication to send a message to all those people who, like her, are looking for their best version: “Don’t compare yourself with anyone because there are a thousand body types and weight is not a reference (…) Don’t be obsessed with weight because the only thing that it can bring is problems and that your life depends on the figures”, he concluded. It has also been thanks to Instagram that we have also known which foods he would never give up. Although Marta takes care of her food to the fullest, there are whims to which she cannot say no: “The sushi, the fruit and the ham sandwich in that order,” she assured. Surely there are many people who feel identified with her.

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