Marisa Martín Blázquez and Beatriz Cortázar star in the biggest ‘land swallow me’ on television

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Marisa Martín Blázquez and Beatriz Cortázar have experienced the most surreal moment of the day. The collaborators have appeared on screen with the same outfit, something that has caused laughter from their colleagues

Seeing is believing! The AR program has lived today two worthy moments to remember. While Ana Rosa has reappeared just a day ago in the midst of her fight against cancer to give details of how she is experiencing the final stretch of chemotherapy, Ana Terradillos, Marisa Martín Blázquez and Beatriz Cortázar have been the protagonists of the funniest scenes of the day . While Ana has monopolized all eyes after being honest about the early mornings that she hits day in and day out, to face her work as a presenter, the collaborators of the social club presented by Joaquín Prat have experienced a ‘earth swallow me’ and of the BIG. Both Marisa and Beatriz have appeared before the cameras with the same outfit, something that has started the laughter of all those present on set. “Two of your collaborators could call each other to agree on their outfits”, Patricia Pardo has anticipated to notify the audience.“Good morning, I present to you Las Grecas”, Joaquín Prat has released to play down the matter when seeing the surprised faces of his collaborators and with a mocking tone that he has not been able to stand when seeing the scene he has witnessed. The face is the mirror of the soul, and both Marisa Martín Blázquez like Beatriz Cortázar they have been stunned to see themselves face to face with the same look. Both They have opted for a jumpsuit from the new Zara collection valued at 59.95 euros. It is a fluid garment, with long sleeves ending in cuffs, a belt, wide legs and a side closure. In addition, the most striking thing is its print with geometric shapes that has not gone unnoticed by anyone.Marisa Martín Blázquez and Beatriz Cortázar in ‘El programa de AR’ with the same look. Telecinco Although neither of the two has wanted to say anything about it and have chosen to run a thick veil, Marisa Martín Blázquez has used a red jacket to try to solve the situation… Something that unfortunately has not happened since they have become the talk of the halls of Mediaset. Going to a party, on a date or even to the office with the same outfit as your partner is something that makes you very angry but the collaborators have maintained their presence at all times and in time they will remember and laugh together. Of course, with this they have shown that their stylistic tastes are very similar.marisa martin blazquez and beatriz cortázarMarisa Martín Blázquez and Beatriz Cortázar choose the same outfit for ‘El programa de AR’. Telecinco

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