María Patiño opens her most intimate photo album to congratulate her husband

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María Patiño has broken her unwritten rule and publicly congratulated her husband with a romantic image of her vacation

Despite being one of the best-known faces in the Mediaset universe, Maria Patino He has always tried to keep his private life away from media exposure. However, there are very special dates for which it is worth making an exception. As it happened today… This Tuesday, March 15, It is Ricardo Rodríguez’s birthday and María Patiño has not hesitated to publicly congratulate him through his Instagram profile. To do this, she has used her most intimate and personal photo album and shared an image of the couple on the beach. A most romantic picture in one of its paradises of sand and sea.Instagram @mariapatino1508 It is difficult to see photos of her most intimate moments with her husband on her social networks, which is why this explosion of love has caught our attention. “Congratulations my love,” María limited herself to writing, a publication that the Venezuelan actor soon shared. “I’m more in love with him than the first day. When I see him, he still gets me a lot”,he confessed to us in a recent interview with Lecturas. After more than 15 years together, the couple has managed to keep the flame alive between them: “We both fight to make different plans and not be monotonous,” he said, unable to hide his happiness. María Patiño is going through one of the moments sweetest of his life. To her professional success with ‘Socialité’ and ‘Sálvame Lemon tea’ we must add the beautiful family that she has formed with Ricardo and her son Julio, who at 21 years old does not want to know anything about the media . In addition, the 50-year-old presenter has found in her dog Beige her unconditional love that she does not hesitate to share often on social networks.

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