Man Shot & Killed by Stray Bullet While Eating Thanksgiving Dinner


The family of Edilberto Miguel Palaez Moctezuma has expressed their grief over the death of their friend, who was shot by a stray bullet while eating his Thanksgiving dinner. The incident has caused a commotion in the area and has prompted police to seek an arrest warrant for the man responsible for the shooting. The suspect, a 19-year-old man named Kevon Clarke, is facing a variety of charges, including weapons offenses, first-degree murder and reckless endangerment. Surveillance video and surveillance photos have been released, which helped identify the shooter.

The investigation is ongoing. The gunman, Kevon Clarke, is a resident of Norristown, Pennsylvania. The suspected shooter, Edilberto Miguel Palaez Moctezuma, died of his injuries. The incident is believed to stem from an earlier holiday party, but there are still no signs of any evidence that indicates a motive. However, a spokesman for the Philadelphia Police Department says that the man was eating a Thanksgiving dinner with his family when he was struck by a stray bullet.

The family of Edilberto Miguel Palaez Moctezuma has identified the suspected shooter as Kevon Clarke, a 25-year-old man who was killed by a stray bullet while eating Thanksgiving dinner. The family has released photos of Moctezuma’s body. The slain gunman was found at the scene and arrested on suspicion of murder.

The man who shot Edilberto Miguel Palaez Moctezuma during his Thanksgiving dinner was not the intended target of the shooter. In fact, he was eating a Thanksgiving dinner with his family when he was fatally wounded by a stray bullet. The gunman had been on the run from the police, and his girlfriend’s cousin had picked him up alcohol outside of his residence.

The suspect is currently being sought by police in the Norristown area, while his girlfriend is being held in jail pending the investigation. During the exchange for the alcohol, a stray bullet pierced the window, striking Moctezuma at the table. The alleged shooter is armed and dangerous, but a police officer has arrested him based on his statement.

The man’s death was connected to a dispute between two men at the Thanksgiving dinner. The family of Moctezuma’s girlfriend was told by her cousin that the suspects should leave the party. The incident was linked to a second argument in which Clarke had a drinking problem. The cousin later returned the alcohol to the victim’s home. The shooting was an act of revenge against her, and the cousin was a suspected thief.