Macron’s ‘Republic on the Move’ movement becomes a new party, ‘Renaissance’

The refoundation of the movement will give rise to a new party that will compete in the legislative elections in a joint candidacy called ‘Ensemble’

The Republic on the Move (LREM), the movement promoted by the President of France, Emmanuel Macronwill be formally constituted as a party and will change its name, in such a way that it already concurs as Renaissance to the parliamentary elections in June. The statutes still described LREM as ‘movement’, but the national delegate, Stanislas Guerini, h.has confirmed that it will become a party to use at a key moment, just over a month before elections in which the so-called ‘presidential majority’ is at stake. Guerini has announced a overall “refounding”, according to the BFM TV network. LREM will even change its name and will assume the one it already used for its lists in the last European elections, although this nomenclature will remain in the background in the legislative because Macron’s formation will concur hand in hand with several allied groups, including François Bayrou’s Democratic Movement (MoDem). They will present joint candidatures under the flag of ensemble (Together), with the hope of preserving the current majority and withstanding the blocs that are trying to form the left-wing parties, including La Francia Insumisa and the Socialist Party, and those on the right, with Agrupación Nacional at the head. Name changes are a relatively frequent practice in French politics and, in fact, the National Group was until just a few years ago the National Front. Among moderate conservatives, the most recent change came in 2015, when the Union for a Popular Movement (UMP) was renamed Los Republicanos.

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