Lydia Lozano returns from her vacation with a strong message for Marta Riesco

Controversies of celebrities Lydia Lozano

Lydia Lozano has defended her companions Belén Esteban and María Patiño after Marta Riesco’s recent scuffles with them

Lydia Lozano Y her husband Charliehave returned from their Easter holidays, in which they have chosen a very special destination on these dates, Malaga. In the capital of the Costa del Sol, Lydia Lozano has been able to witness the passing of the thrones from a balcony of the Larios hotel. In that same hotel, curiously, an illustrious man from Malaga like Antonio Banderas rents some balconies every year to be able to enjoy this tradition with his family and friends. “My biggest plan, to see all the processions from the Hotel Larios, that Antonio Banderas was there. I met the woman,” says Lydia. Over there Lydia may have also met the Turkish actor Keren Bürsinthe protagonist of the telenovela ‘Love is in the air’, who was invited by Antonio to spend these days in his city, “but just when he was going to see him, he went to dinner somewhere else,” lamented the collaborator. The talk show host from ‘Sálvame’ and ‘Deluxe’ has returned with fully charged batteries and with a very clear message for Martha Riesco. If there is something that her companions cannot complain about, it is the iron defense that Lydia makes of them. As it is easy to imagine, Lydia did not like the statements that the girlfriend, or rather the ex-girlfriend, of Antonio David has made about Bethlehem Esteban Y Maria Patino, so Lydia, who is characterized by not having mince words, has not been silent before the disqualifications of Marta Riesco towards her companions. Do you want to listen to the message that Lydia sends to Marta? Don’t miss the video.

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