Lydia Lozano, in pain, resumes her routine with a plaster cast and reveals when she will return to ‘Sálvame’

Save me Lydia Lozano

Lydia Lozano, after breaking her arm yesterday, has reappeared and in addition to telling how she is doing, she has commented on how she faces the coming weeks

Lydia Lozano has reappeared on television after breaking the ulna and radius yesterday. The collaborator suffered a domestic mishap that ended with her arm in a plaster cast. “What she tells us is that she was standing up, she was putting on her boot and she lost her balance and fell,” they said on Friday from ‘Sálvame’. But life goes on and she doesn’t plan to stay home. Lydia went to the hairdresser today and from there she made a live connection with ‘Socialité’. From the beauty salon, the collaborator He has given the last hour about his state of health and has assured that he is “super sore”.During this connection that he has made with Nuria Marín, it has been possible to see the plaster that they have put on him to heal his fracture. Something that, as Lydia Lozano herself has said, “I have to take 40 days.” But what is clear knowing her is that this is not going to stop her. She herself said funny that “I already had a root that was the Suez Canal and I prefer pain with a pretty streak than pain with gray hair”. A few words with which he has told that his plaster cast has not made him hesitate to go or not to the hairdresser, where he has also done his nails. But when will he return to ‘Save me’? To this she has also replied. Lydia Lozano has assured that she does not plan to stay at home: “Of course I’ll go to work.”Lydia Lozano at the hairdresser. Telecinco With this answer, Lydia Lozano has made it very clear that in the next few days he will return to the set of ‘Sálvame’ even if he has to go with a plaster. Lydia has remembered that “How many people go to work in plaster? I’ve already been on a stretcher, when Valldeperas broke my rib… I’ve broken everything in this program…”. And it is true that the collaborator has not missed work or when she has suffered injuries like the one now. So she’s not going to let an injury like this stop her and she’s going to continue to fight from her set chair. A set from which her colleagues sent her yesterday a message of encouragement and support upon learning what had happened.

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