A Man Named Luis Alberto Davila Vera Dies After Drowning In Diversey Harbor

On 17th August 2022, this early Wednesday, a 43-year-old man by the name of Luis Alberto Davila Vera Died after drowning in Lake Michigan near Diversey Harbor. The police authority confirmed this and has given the information that the man was a native of 1000 block of west 15th street. 

This was rather an unfortunate accident and incidents like this have been happening a lot frequently these days. As per the official reports of Great Lakes Surf Rescue Project, around 33 people have suffocated in Lake Michigan and lost their life in 2022. Know how the accident occurred and what can you do to stay vigilant under such emergencies.

How did Luis Alberto Davila Vera Die?

Luis Alberto Davila Vera was with a bunch of people just strolling around near the area 2600 block of North Cannon Drive. Accidently, he staggered and fell straight into the lake. It was around 5 AM in the early morning. Chicago police authorities informed that when the man didn’t resurface from the water, firefighters had to be called and intervened to pull him out. 

Chicago Police Marine Unit rescued the man and immediately the victim was rushed to Illinois Masonic Medical Center situated in Wellington Ave, Chicago. The medical examiners declared the man dead and unconscious.

Lake Michigan has swallowed and taken many people under its grip and this incident is not the first- this year.

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Other personal information about the departed soul is not available. However, it is found that Luis was a Bartender at a Nightclub and had the nickname Michael Mix.

Obituary Details

Luis Alberto Davila Vera

A Dear friend of Luis has announced the obituary details of Michael Mix on Gofundme. In these grief-stricken times, the deceased soul’s family is heartbroken and lost all hope. His colleagues also expressed the outgoing and free-spirited nature of Luis and how the service industry has lost a hard-working person. The memorial services will be held in Chicago and will be transferred to Mexico. Our sincerest Condolences to the family and friends of Late. Luis Alberto Davila Vera. 

Important- One should always stay alert and vigilant near water bodies and take precautions. You can head to the website of the Great lake Surf Rescue project which aims to save lives and work towards water safety through public preparedness.  The organization has won many awards for its good cause.

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