Lucia chapter 83 Release Date & Highlights

Lucia chapter 83 release date

Lucia chapter 83 release date is not out yet but there are some rumours which are surfacing through the internet that there isn’t long till we would get to see the latest chapter of Lucia and is somewhat will release release around 21st of June. The fandom might have have to wait a little as they could sit back because it shall be worth the wait.

Lucia chapter 83 spoilers

There have been no such leaked spoilers yet as the spoilers usually starts dropping out few days before the scheduled release date and we would update you as soon as we would get the news.

Lucia chapter 83

The previous chapter Highlights

The previous chapter portrayed how Kwiz recalled the time when his sister made him worry that after a period, she will turn out to be mature which came out as a hesitation for him. The only big difference which stood always was about the childhood status of them as they were his sisters and what he found odd was that they had two different mothers. In the process of time, Beth, the wife of Kwiz was becoming more tougher and professional in raising their children. The chapter also portrayed on how Lucia goes through a hard time and being nervous on making her own social debut, but she always knew that one day or the other, she would have to face this path.


The plot of the story is that Lucia was a princess but as long as she didn’t know this fact until her mother died and she has to move to a palace in order to become in charge and that from stepping into the palace was her dream come true. After having different and anxious type of dreams, Lucia made a decision of committing herself in doing good as best as possible in order to achieve her goals. In alone the dream as how she will hurdle the obstacles in her life.

Lucia chapter 83

Where to read

If you want to cover more in the journey of Lucia and how the secrets and doors of mystery will unveil, you can head to

  1. Webnovel and
  2. Read Novel Full as it is available to read there.

Lucia chapter 83

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