Love Shuttle Manga: An Omegaverse Recommendation, Latest Update

Are you perhaps hunting for an Omega-verse manhwa recommendation and couldn’t find any? Don’t worry we have a spicy webtoon for you that will make you a blushing mess and go aww when the love blossoms between the two protagonists. Love Shuttle Manga is the one manhwa you should be checking out at the earliest otherwise you will be missing out on a fiery yet soft-like bubblegum BL romance. 

Scroll down till the last to get complete information on the webcomic, the latest update on the upcoming chapters, where to read, and some convincing reviews to get you started!


Love Shuttle – Manga no Sekai


We come across our leading hero, Doyun who is yet to present as an Omega and gets the title of a ‘late bloomer.’ On top of that, his appearance is contradictory to his sub-gender. He is muscular, tall with a chiseled jaw which doesn’t help his case at all. Everybody assumes he is an Alpha until the day of his first heat arrives. His luck was not by his side as it all happened at the most inappropriate time. He had no one to lean onto. The only person who was available at the time was his work-rival Taehan. Despite their rivalry- Taehan was happy to help a man in need. How willing is he to help Doyun? 

Latest Chapters of Love Shuttle Manga

Love Shuttle Manga

Love Shuttle manga is a creation of Im Ae Ju and was released back in the year 2019. It is a completed South Korean manhwa with a total count of 90 chapters. Wow Isn’t that amazing? This Omega-verse manga series released its 90th chapter recently so you wouldn’t have to wait patiently for the next update! It is highly recommended manga if you are fond of the enemies to lovers trope. Work rivalry is a cherry on top. 

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Reviews And Ratings

Love shuttle manga

The Characters are something to keep rooting for in the manga. Lee Doyun is quintessentially not an Omega as he doesn’t release his pheromones and has not gone into heat. He is a late bloomer as mentioned before. His mother contacted many doctors to get to know his condition better. Fate is not in our hands! At a social event, Doyun goes into a painful first heat, and Taehan, an Alpha is the first person to notice that.

Love Shuttle manga is Romantic-Comedy with a fair share of intense steamy scenes. This webtoon is like a fine wine, it gets better with time. At first, it might be slow-burn but gets interesting with the second narration. Their love story starts off as rivals but the trope stands true to its name and turns them into lovers. It has a rating of 7.2 out of 10 which is a pretty decent score. 

Where To Read? 

Love shuttle manga

If the Love Shuttle Manga piques your interest and you wish to read it, you can head to Lezhin Website. Another popular reading platform to read the manhwa is Manga Kio.


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