Love me’ – A good aftertaste

‘Love me’ is an effective drama about a man constantly fleeing from loneliness who, like Peter Pan, does not want to grow up. A film that accompanies Leonardo Sbaraglia on that fine line that separates intensity from hysteria. A difficult balance on the edge of a precipice that keeps us very distracted by the constant doubt of whether the film will end up breaking it or it will end up breaking it. In the end neither one nor the other: But, just when it seems that it is going to break, its director and screenwriter, Leonardo Brzezicki, recomposes it and puts an appropriate rubric on it in a final section that stands out for its calm and measure. Thus, its intensity and/or hysteria give value, and above all foundation to this “wandering heart” portrayed by a dedicated Leonardo Sbaraglia with immature melancholy. In this context, there are films like ‘Love me’ that do not penetrate beyond the moment, although it is a moment that they enjoy as much as we enjoy as spectators. Although enjoy is not exactly the word. It doesn’t matter what you call it: This work achieves not always well weighted as it is to live the moment in its own way, leaving us with a good aftertaste of whatever it was, it’s over.

By Juan Pairet Iglesias


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