Lola Indigo premieres the autobiographical documentary ‘La Niña’

Lola Indigo has premiered today -May 13, 2022- the autobiographical documentary La Niña, exclusively on Prime Video in Spain and Latin America. “It portrays through her own testimonies and from her closest, personal and professional environment, Mimi’s career from its beginnings. Starting as a dancer, going through her participation in Operación Triunfo in 2017, the beginning of her career as Lola Indigo together with the release of the song that catapulted her into the music scene ‘Ya no Quiero Ná’ until she won the MTV award for best Spanish artist in 2019 confirming suspicions: Lola Indigo’s time had come.The concert at the Wizink center becomes the opportunity to gather and pay tribute to all her people who have accompanied her through thick and thin throughout all these years, a tribute concert to all of them and an inspiration for all her fans”. We remember that La Niña is the title of her current album, published on July 2 of last year 2021. Lola Indigo announced the release of the film as follows: “May 13 on Prime Video, ‘LA NIÑA EL DOCUMENTAL’ for the entire world, the story of how the n Iña dreamed it and you made it come true. Probably the most beautiful thing I’ve done in my life.” An 80-minute feature film, produced by Fremantle Spain and Universal Music Spain, which arrives just two days before her concert at the Palau Sant Jordi with the exclusive show “La Niña XXL”. Lola Indigo: “I knew that I had something very powerful inside of me. I’ve taken the best, the brave, the capable, I’ve taken the diva and I’ve put it on stage… If I think it’s important to make a song about my friends, then I’m going to do it. But everything else, the girl, Mimi, is what is really important.” We are left with the trailer below.

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