Live Video Club Belle

Live Video Club Belle

Sora Cross 04/02/2022 This Saturday april 2 starting at 22:00 peninsular time we return with a new direct on our Twitch channel. It’s been a week since the theatrical release of belle., the latest film by Mamoru Hosoda, distributed in Spain by Against the Current Films. That is why we want to review the tape, commenting everything what we liked and what we didn’t. Of course, and as usual, we will unravel the story, so the direct will have several spoilers.

Meanwhile, we continue to prepare more direct for the next few days. We leave you with a calendar of everything we are preparing so you don’t miss any of our live shows. We are open to proposals from you. What would you like us to try to organize for the next few days? Below we share the list of our next live shows:  If you have missed any of our previous live shows, you can see them at our Youtube channel, to which we uploaded all the direct ones a few days later. As well we recommend you subscribe so you don’t miss any of our live shows and that the Twitch and YouTube application itself notifies you.

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