Light, floor, dressing rooms… Carla Barber shows ALL the details of her incredible mansion

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Light, floor, dressing rooms… Carla Barber’s mansion is now ready to be enjoyed and the doctor has shocked all her followers by showing each and every one of the details

Instagram @dr.carlabarber Amazing! This is how we find ourselves, like the more than 900,000 followers of Carla Barber’s Instagram, seeing the progress of his new house. Just a few weeks ago, the aesthetic medicine doctor confessed that she had acquired an impressive 19th-century mansion, a building steeped in history that she has remodeled from top to bottom. The ex-survivor is in one of her most successful stages and her personal one, she does not fall short either! Carla is about to become a new mother and the home in which she is going to live with her son and with the person with whom she has decided to share her life, you are more than ready to enjoy it after carrying out a remodeling work.Carla Barber has opened wide the doors of her mansion and has confessed that the light, the floors and dressing rooms are already more than ready for her use and enjoyment: “I’m moving forward and I couldn’t be more excited”, has written in one of his last posts on social networks. A sample that shows that the move is imminent. Carla Barber has fulfilled a dream and all the corners of this home are special for her since here she is going to see her little one grow up. Of course, if there is something that has generated a great stir, it is the dimensions of her dressing room as well as her shoe rack … And even Violeta Mangriñán has not hesitated to react: “I shouldn’t have seen your dressing room, now mine will look like a small storage room”, has written the Valencian in shock at the incredible transformation that her intimate friend’s mansion has undergone. ¡HIT PLAY and don’t miss out on absolutely anything! Carla Barber has taken care of even the smallest detail of the house in which she is going to live with her family and she couldn’t be more proud to share this incredible home with one of the most important people in her life , the father of her child: “My happiness, my life”Carla wrote publicly as a statement.

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