Lee Bo Young Plans Her Comeback With “(Ad) Agency”

SPOTV News reported that Lee Bo Young will star in the upcoming drama “(Ad)Agency” (Provisional title). In response to the report, a source from Lee Bo Young’s agency J, WIDE Company, shared, “It is true that he received an offer and is positively reviewing it.” “(Ad)Agency” is an office drama about a woman who becomes the company’s first female executive, but doesn’t stop there, she seeks to assume the highest position. The drama will take place in an advertising agency and will portray the realistic behind-the-scenes stories of the industry and the daily lives of those who live in a cut-throat world as they compete to be at the top.

Lee Bo Young in “Mine”

Lee Boyoung is in talks to play Go Ah In, a woman who has overcome many difficulties to become the first female executive at the country’s top advertising agency. Last year, the actress impressed with her role as Seo Hee Soo in the tvN drama “mine”, which registered more than 10% in ratings. As long as this story isn’t about a makjang… Maybe I could watch it!! I remember that Lee Bo Young, during an interview mentioned that she wanted to become an actress who could perform properly in stories like «Misty» which is currently on Netflix as «In the air» and I think she is achieving it, her career is going slowly but steadily after her marriage and motherhood. Credits Soompi

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