Lavrov assures that he sees an agreement between Russia and Ukraine to end the war possible

The Russian Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov, has stated that he sees an agreement between Russia and Ukraine as possible to end the military campaign launched by Moscow on February 24. “I see that there are opportunities for an agreement, as our Western partners begin to understand serious mistakes made over many years, although perhaps, for understandable reasons, they won’t say it out loud,” he assured at a press conference with Serbian media. The head of Russian diplomacy has stressed that the Kremlin is not interested in the participation of representatives of the West in the talks with kyiv. “Now we can no longer believe in them”, he has stated. In addition, he has assured that at this time a meeting between the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, and the Ukrainian, Volodymyr Zelensky, would be “counterproductive”. On the other hand, Lavrov has described as “nonsense” and “lie” the alleged “disappearance” of Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, after days of rumors about his alleged health problems. He also rejected the rumors that point to the preparation of a supposed coup in the country. “I don’t want to comment nonsense”, said the Foreign Minister, which has accused the Ukrainian special services and “Russian neoliberals now living abroad” of spreading this information. “This is all an absolute lie, everyone is alive, everyone is healthy, everyone is working,” she said. She has stated that “the entire government is working, the entire presidential administration is working on the basis of the interests of our countryon the basis of all the official duties that are assigned to all of us” and that “this can be seen regularly” on television and social networks. The Kremlin responded to media reports about Shoigu’s alleged health problems at the end of last week.The spokesman, Dimitri Peskov, He clarified that he has “many concerns”.
Various media have echoed the absence of Shoigu, who has not appeared in public for days. The Kremlin attributes it to her participation in commanding the invasion of Ukraine.

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