Launches Mangaline Spain February 2022

Launches Mangaline Spain February 2022

At the end of this month of February, Mangaline will return to the Spanish market under the label Mangaline Spain. Her bookstore debut will be with two of the first manga licenses that she unveiled during her presentation. This is the first volume of The future starts today (Kyou Kara Mirai) by Akihito Yoshitomi, an open series that currently has two volumes; and the first volume of Iris ~Friends of the immediate vicinity~ from Kurimoto Kentaro Y Kurimoto Saki, a closed series consisting of 4 volumes. The presale of both volumes is now open on the publisher’s website and will include a postcard and a bookmark, respectively. The release date of the two volumes will be February 28th.

Title: The Future Starts Today
Original Title: Kyou Kara Mirai (今日から未来)
Author/s: Akihito Yoshitomi
Genres: comedy, seinen, yuri
Format: Softcover paperback with dust jacket format A5 (14.8×21)
Status: In publication (2 volume/s)
Spanish Publisher: MangaLine EN
Japanese Publisher: Heros Inc
See the complete file of The Future Begins Today Miku confesses to Kyouko, her childhood friend, and asks her to give her an answer before graduating. As long as he doesn’t have an answer, Miku gives Kyouko all the freedom to do what he wants with her. Will her story have a happy ending?

Gaku loves running more than anyone in the world, and that’s why he always tries to be the fastest. He continues to push himself as usual despite the fact that most people pick on his running techniques and his short stature. Will he be able to bear the pain and humiliation that are already beginning to take their toll on his motivation? Below is a detailed list of Mangaline Spain releases for the month of February 2022: The Future Starts Today #1 (Akihito Yoshitomi) – €10.50Iris ~Friends of the immediate vicinity~ #1 (Kurimoto Kentaro, Kurimoto Saki) – €10.50 Source: Mangaline Spain

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