Launches Ivrea 31 March 2022

Launches Ivrea 31 March 2022

Editorial Ivrea releases a new weekly list of releases for the next one Thursday 31 of March 2022. The publisher says goodbye to the month with the publication of a new series. It’s about the action comedy Sakamoto Days, Yuuto Suzuki’s popular manga that runs in Shueisha’s Weekly Shônen Jump. At its launch, the first volume of this collection will have a special editionapart from the normal one, which will include a alternative dust jacketa set of 3 postcards in color and a gift apron at the price of €9.90. The normal edition will be priced at €8.00.

Title: Sakamoto Days
Original Title: Sakamoto Days (サカモトデイズ)
Author/s: Yuuto Suzuki
Genres: Action, Comedy, Supernatural
Format: Paperback with soft cover and dust jacket
Status: In publication (6 volume/s)
Spanish Publisher: Ivrea
Japanese Publisher: Shueisha
See complete profile of Sakamoto Days Taro Sakamoto was a contract killer who left everything after meeting the woman of his life. Some time later, with a daughter and a few extra kilos, he lives a quiet life running a combini, although his instincts remain intact. An old colleague discovers his whereabouts and from there, other acquaintances of his and rivals will start looking for him to give him a passport to the other world once and for all. With a family and a business to protect, things are about to get tough for Taro. But that’s not all: among many other rules that he has agreed with his wife, Taro is forbidden to kill anyone else! How will he manage to protect his peaceful life with which he comes at him? In addition to this novelty, it will also go on sale second volume from Nozomi Mino’s Dangerous Lover, the thirteenth volume from the romantic comedy Kaguya-sama: Love is War! of Aka Akasaka, the second volume from the manga about idols Oshi no Ko by Aka Akasaka and Mengo Yokoyari and the fourth volume by Boichi’s Sun-ken Rock in its double volume deluxe edition. Complete this list of weekly releases reprints the eleventh dr stone by Riichiro Inagaki and Boichi and the ninth volume from Hanako-kun, the ghost of the bathroom by Aida Iro. Below is the complete list with the releases for the March 31, 2022 by Editorial Ivrea: Dangerous Lover #2 (Nozomi Mino) – €8.00Kaguya-sama: Love is War! #13 (Aka Akasaka) – €8.50Oshi no Ko #2 (Aka Akasaka, Mengo Yokoyari) – €8.50Sakamoto Days #1 (Yuuto Suzuki) – €8.00Sakamoto Days #1 Special Edition (Yuuto Suzuki ) – €9.90 Sun-ken Rock #4 (Boichi) – €14.00 Source: Editorial Ivrea

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