Landorus returns to Pokémon Go raids

Landorus returns to Pokémon Go raids

Stan 04/27/2022 The legendary Pokémon originating from the Unova region landorusreturned on Tuesday at fifth level raids in Pokémon Go. This time it has appeared in its form totem and will be available until next Tuesday May 3. In addition, the luckiest trainers can get it in its version variocolor.

Landorus is a type Pokémon land Y flying which was introduced in the fifth generation Pokémon. His biggest weaknesses are types ice Y Water, so it should be challenged using some Pokemon like Kyogre, Mamoswine, Ice Beam Mewtwo, Avalugg, and even Mega Abomasnow. The attacks that you can know when fighting against him are: attack Quick I shoot mud or paranormal and attack loaded earthquake, earthquake, sharp rock, or brute force. Also, the combat points you must have for your statistics be of 100% are from 2241 without being potentiated by the atmospheric climate and 2801 being boosted. Source: Pokémon Go

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