Kumkum Bhagya November 23, 2022 Written Episode Update & More Details

Kumkum Bhagya November 23, 2022 Written Episode Update & More Details

Third Written Episode of Kumkum Bhagya, November 20, 2022, on 247 prime news

Dr. Preeti arrives at the location to start the episode. Prachi claims that she asked Dr. Preeti to go back and let them know about Rhea’s report. She explains that the report was misplaced and that the outcome will be made public in front of everyone. If the DNA of Rhea’s child matches Ranbir’s, Pallavi queries Dr. Preeti. You might be reluctant to read the report, but we’re ready, says Vikram. Pallavi requests that she inform. Dr. Preeti reports that the test was successful; her child’s DNA is a perfect match for Ranbir’s, proving that the infant is a descendant of Ranbir. Rhea beams. Incredulous is Prachi. Rhea is asked by Aaliya if she paid money to have the report made. Rhea claims it is accurate. Why did you make me run, and why did you ask me to get the report, Aaliya queries. Rhea claims I was unsure if the test was completed using the same format. She explains that she made her scent out of chloroform and took Prachi’s pattern. She claims that after that, she changed both her pattern and the pattern at the clinic. You may have done an amazing thing, according to Aaliya. Prachi’s charge, in Rhea’s opinion, was intolerable. Prachi tells that DNA can’t match. Rhea speculates that you could be speaking for the report’s authors. Aaliya claims that despite your best efforts, you were unable to handle the fact that Rhea is carrying Ranbir’s child but you are not. She claims that you might have pushed her. Rhea says the pregnancy test has been performed and the results have arrived, so stop bringing up the subject. According to Prachi, you are not carrying Ranbir’s or anybody else’s child. She claims that she shouldn’t be pregnant and that she complied with the report. Pallavi tells her that enough is enough, that the doctor and the check are hers, and that she should apologise to Rhea for casting any doubt on her and her kid. Prachi claims that Rhea is dishonest, and I stand by my assertions without apologising. She departs from the location. Prachi is followed by Ranbir.

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