Korean Drama The Veil Trailer is Released, Explain And New Updates

Namgoong Min has a new upcoming series that is welcoming the crowd already. Here is all that you need to know about the upcoming release The Veil.

The Trailer Of The Veil Explained

MBC dropped the 90-second trailer of The Veil. This gives us some good ideas about the mysterious plot of The Veil. And here is what it means actually. The trailer starts with a man falling into the water dramatically. And there is a voiceover also. According to the trailer, the main hero is an NIA field officer Han-Ji-Hyuk. He is played by Namgoong Min. Also, he comes back after years of going missing. Later, there are flashes of a gold watch, a barking dog and a mafia takes the screen.

Later, we have talks and fights by Han-Ji-Hyuk on screen. He is brought back for a mission. Also, the mission involves bringing back the Min who was dropped in the water when trying to kill a crime gang. And the trailer opens where Namgoong faces a man and there is a voice that says that he is no close to being an opponent. You are nothing. And the face of Min is shown where he is stern and determining.

Later then, the trailer shifts where a Black SUV is shown. The door opens to reveal Min with a beard sitting inside. And he keeps getting random warnings. Also, there are words saying “You can trust him” The end of the teaser has Namgoong, bearded and bleeding in an unknown place.

Genre: Action, Thriller, K-Drama

The Trailer Of The Veil

MBC released a trailer for the series. Post the release of that, there was so much hype that was created on the internet. Here is the trailer for the delight of your eyes.


Release Date Of The Veil

The release date of The Veil was said to be somewhere in late 2021. After the release of the trailer, it is said that the new series is to be released on September 1, 2021. Also, the series finale is to be aired on October 7, 2021. There are 12 episodes of the series that are to be released this year. All the Namgoong fans are geared up for this date to approach. Have them noted in your calendars so that you don’t miss the dates.

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Where To Watch The Veil

New episodes of The Veil are to be released every Wednesday and Thursday. Also, the new episodes will stream on MBC. This has a pinch of sadness to fans. Because the episodes are to be released on MBC only. This is not be extended anywhere outside of South Korea. To the fans out of South Korea, it is expected that the series is to be released on other digital platforms. But as of now, we have no official announcement about the release as of now. But, for sure we can expect the new episodes to be out on other platforms like Netflix or Hulu.

Namgoong Min New Korean Drama The Veil Trailer Explain And New Updates

The Cast Details Of The Veil

The good news is that we have so many details of the cast of The Veil with the release of the trailer. Namgoong Min is to play the role of Han-Ji-Hyuk. Also, Kim Ji Eun, Park Ha-Sun, Kim Byung-Ki, Kwon So-Hyun, Young-Nam-Jang, Geung-Young-Lee, Yu-Oh_Seoung, Kim-Jong Tae forms the complete cast of the series.

With so much intense drama and thriller to be in there, there is a dash of high wait for the series. We are eager and waiting for the release of the veil. I am sure exciting, aren’t you?

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