Koikimo Episode 13 Release Date, Preview, Plot And More

The release date of animes is what we always search for. Also, the release of animes is always a talk because they take time to top it up. And, here is what you need to know about Koikimo Episode 13. Keep reading. 

When Is The Release Date Of Koikimo Episode 13

This new anime has already started gathering so many fans towards it. Here is an update of Koikimo Episode 13. The new episode of Koikimo will release on June 21, 2021. Sadly we have no information about the English dub of the anime. But, we can expect an English dub to be released as soon as it is approved by the producers.

Where To Watch Koikimo Episode 13?

You can watch Koikimo Episode 13 and other episodes on Crunchyroll. Also, Crunchyroll has anime with Japanese audio and English subtitles. Moreover, the English dub of the series is to be released also. Moreover, AmazonPrime has the English dub version. But, the sad part is that the series is available on AmazonPrime only in Japan.

Koikimo Episode 13 Release Date, Preview And More

How Many Episodes To Expect?

We can expect Koikimo to run from March 29, 2021, to June 14, 2021. There are 13 episodes expected to be there in Koikimo. Moreover, every new episode will be out every Monday at 9:45 pm Japanese Standard time.

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Koikimo – Plot

Amakusa Ryo is saved by a girl at the station. Moreover, he later finds out that her name is Arima Ichika, and is a high school girl. Furthermore, Ryo is a womanizer and he tries to repay her for saving him. For this, he suggests giving her a kiss and taking her on a date. But, she responds that Ryo is creepy but he ends up falling madly in love with her. And then comes the story. Ryo keeps expressing his love to her but she keeps saying him creepy.

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