Kodai Editorial Releases May 2022

Kodai Editorial Releases May 2022

For this month of May Kodai Publisher has one ready novelty sleeve BL. This is the single volume. Boys of the Dead zombie-themed Tomita Douji that will go on sale on the afternoon of May 11 through the publisher’s online store and the day May 12 in the rest of bookstores. The work will be published in paperback with soft cover and dust jacket of dimensions 132 x 182 mm. and will have a price of €9. In the following link you will find a free preview with the first pages of this work (click here).

Boys of the Dead It is the third work of this recent author. In it, he offers a small collection of stories from zombie theme which began serialization in 2019 in Printemps Shuppan’s Boys Love-themed magazine Canna. Currently, the manga is finished and consists of a single compiled volume, which will be the one that ends up arriving in our country. The work came in sixth place in the Best Book Cover category of the BL Award 2021. Linus and Conor live in a shipping container set up as a small home deep in the mountains. There they discreetly feed on human flesh, which they obtain by sneaking into the nearby church, exhuming corpses from the graveyard, and butchering them so they can take them with them. There is no other way to prolong Conor’s life, so Linus does not hesitate to repeat the same heinous acts over and over again. Does not matter. If it is to continue with the man he loves, how is the meat of a human being different from the meat of a cow? Below is the complete list with the manga releases of May by Editorial Kodai: Boys of the Dead (Tomita Douji) – €9.00 Source: Hidra Editorial

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