Who Is Victoria Pattinson? Know Her Famous Celebrity Sibling And Other Details!

Everyone is well aware that Victoria Pattinson is Twilight fame Robert Pattinson‘s older sister. Robert is brother to two elder sisters- Victoria and Lizzy. While Robert’s popularity is no joke and is famous for his dynamic roles in- Twilight, Harry Potter and the goblet of fire, and the most recent The batman (2022)

We are not going to fill you up about him but his sister Victoria Pattinson. Here’s everything to know about her, from Personal and professional life to her Net worth. Keep reading!

Victoria Pattinson Bio

Victoria Pattinson is a celebrity sibling to English actor Robert Pattinson. She was born in 1981 in London and completed her education there. Her parents are Clare and Richard Pattinson. Digging more about their occupation, we got to know that Clare used to work at a Model Agency and Richard was a dealer of antique cars and vehicles. 

Victoria’s professional life has been exciting and full of opportunities. She kickstarted her career by working with BSkyB company managing the position of a Channel operation executive. Later, she also worked at WPP handling the role of a Marketing manager, and after some time was given the title of business development manager. Her work experience also includes serving as the Head of Branch and Partnership at ‘The Space.’

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Victoria Pattinson’s Personal Life

Victoria Pattinson

There is little to no information available about her love life. It is known that she is unmarried. She can be spotted at celebrity functions and evenings with her brother Robert and sister Lizzy. Many times, Victoria has been seen enthusiastically supporting her siblings on their important days. Lizzy Pattinson, her younger sister is a singer and a songwriter having a good presence on Youtube, Soundcloud, and Spotify.

Robert Pattinson’s Relationship

Victoria Pattinson

While there is no information about Victoria Pattinson’s love life, Robert’s relationship with Supermodel Suki Waterhouse is thriving. They started dating back in 2018 and have been quite private about their relationship. However, they have been spotted kissing in the cobble-webbed lanes of London. Robert opened up about how he doesn’t want to make his relationship public because he doesn’t like people taking hundreds of pictures of them. 

“This makes love seem less important” he added.

Victoria Pattinson’s Net Worth

Victoria Pattinson
Credit: Photo by Marcus Dawes/Shutterstock

According to the reports, Victoria’s net worth is a whooping $2 Million at the latest in 2022. She has been promoted in her career and holds the position of Senior Client Director at WPP. The pay range for this role may range between $19,000-$20,000 a year. Her brother Robert is a man of fortune with a wealth of $100 Million!

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