Kim Woo-seok Talks About “Military Prosecutor Doberman”

Kim Woo Seok (28 years old), debuted in 2017 in the drama «Love Playlist 2«, has participated in «Voice 2, 3, 4″ as part of the “Golden Time” team in the plot. He also participated inrookie cops» from Disney+ just before his role in «Military Prosecutor Doberman Pinscher«, which represents his first role with more importance and did a great job, so much so that he caught the attention of the public that followed the drama.

Kim Woo Seokhad some comments about his role as a villain in the legal military drama “Military Prosecutor Doberman”, which ended last month on tvN. In the program, Kim Woo Seok played the role of Tae-nam, a villainous corporate heir whose love of Doberman Pinschers turns ironic when he comes into conflict with the main character played by Ahn Bo-hyuna man named «Do Bae Man». Kim Woo Seok he stated that, even now, he was not ready to abandon the project.

Kim Woo Seok in “Rookie Cops” Noh Tae-nam was the first role he had Kim Woo Seok as a villain and confessed to not being sure of expressing himself correctly in that role as he should. But he did confirm that he did his best, and that even without knowing what the viewers would think beforehand, he had fun. Kim Woo Seok he noted that he won the role through a competitive audition, one in which he was sure he would fail.

Kim Woo Seok he lacked confidence due to his lack of experience as a villain. However, he decided to take the audition as seriously as possible to ensure that, even if he failed, he would do so without regret. But a month later, he was informed that he had been cast in the role. Naturally, this made him very happy to the actor . But even after all this, Kim Woo Seok he claimed to have struggled in the early days of filming, trying to find a feeling similar to his own.

After much consultation with the director Jin Chang-gyoo , Kim Woo Seok he concluded that he shouldn’t try so hard to understand his character. Rather, she agreed that she should not be restricted and, in a fresh and free way, show all that she could do. Jin Chang-gyoo noted that Noh Tae-nam changes enough over the course of the story that it was not correct to treat his thought process as consistent, the boy was wrapped up in his mother’s plans as just another tool, so he could not feel supported or supported, much less had a guide that allowed him to function socially in an adequate way. Nevertheless, Kim Woo Seok he also described the paper as needing much less care than he expected. Her character just wasn’t that likeable, so a harsher expression became more appropriate as Kim Woo Seok I thought more about his acting. Over time, this attitude decreased the difficulty of the work and allowed Kim Woo-seok took over the paper with renewed vigour. “Doberman Military Prosecutor” it ended on April 26 with ratings of 10,081%. Hancinema Credits

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