Kim Min Kyu, Viral Theme Again in Korea

The actor Kim Min-kyu was born on December 25, 1994 and has just turned 27 in December 2021. Currently, he works as an actor and model at the Happy Tribe agency and his role in «A Business Proposall”, on broadcast, has made it very popular with the Korean public, which once again made it a trend on social networks.

The actor with cute dimples is also a cat lover, Beauties. Through his personal Instagram page, Kim Min-kyu she often uploads her photos with her cats, or just shares short videos about her cats’ activities. 2013 was the debut of Kim Min-kyu in the South Korean entertainment industry. She appears as a cameo in the drama titled Monster (2013), which was followed by his role as a supporting actor in several dramas that also catapulted his name. Kim Min-kyu plays a swimmer in a popular drama School 2015 (2015), he also played a police officer named Hwang Eui Kyung in the drama Signal (2016) and particularly fell in love with me in «Because this is my First Life» from 2017 where she played Yeon Bok Nam. Ah!! And we can’t forget that she has already starred in a historical drama that was well received in Korea.”Queen: Love and War«.

In “Because this is my First Life” In snow drop played the role of Joo Gyeok Chan, one of North Korea’s agents and spies, as well as one of Im Soo Ho’s subordinates (Jung Hae In).Currently, thank you for your character in the drama”A Business Proposal“, went viral after appearing as the cold secretary in the SBS romantic comedy series. However, this is not the first time that Kim Min-kyu goes viral for his visual and acting skills. She also went viral after appearing on an episode of “Backstreet Rookie”, which was remade from the original webtoon, starring Ji Chang Wook and Kim Yoo-jung . But in fact, Kim Min-kyu began to become a viral name after his appearance on “ I Can See Your Voice ”. In the third episode of the fourth season, the appearance of Kim Min-kyu has had the audience on the edge of their seats. She got the hearts of the entire audience in her hands thanks to her attractive looks and her sweet singing voice. Her bright face, cute features and charming dimples are the plus points that help Kim Min-kyu to quickly win the hearts of the audience. It is said that her face is the perfect “hybrid” of the appearance of Lee Dong Wook and Park Bo Gum .

Popular name Kim Min Kyu

According to some data, on the Korean portal there are about 40 people with profiles with the same name as Kim Min-kyu . In it, it is possible to name some famous idols like Min-kyu from SEVENTEEN or Kim Min-kyu a contestant on the program Produce X 101. Therefore, during an interview, he was asked Kim Min-kyu if you ever thought about changing your name to make it easier to impress the audience. The actor candidly replied, “This is a precious name that my parents gave me, so I never thought of changing it.” Then he added a joke: “My profile appears first when I search a portal site, that’s fine” .. It can be seen that Office Dating has successfully retrieved the name of Kim Min-kyu . Many viewers also expressed their wish to see him as the lead actor in their upcoming projects and me along with them. Credits Kbizoom

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