Kiko Hernandez "freaks out" with the hidden skill of his daughters

Although she takes great care in exposing her daughters on social networks, Kiko Hernandez he can’t help but brag about them and show some of the details that make him drool over them more and more every day. Focused on his role as an actor, the collaborator of ‘Sálvame’ reappeared on Instagram with an image that a priori would not have much relevance if it were not because the photograph was taken by one of his daughters. At only five years old, the little girl managed to frame her popular dad to perfection while they enjoyed the after-dinner conversation after a family meal. “I’m blown away by the photos they take of me when I’m only five years old… Happy, nothing more”, Kiko Hernández wrote. And it is that if April and Jimena have achieved something since their arrival, it has been to revolutionize the life of the collaborator and make it much more special.Instagram @kikohernandeztv Kiko hallucinates more and more with the occurrences of his daughters. Just a few days ago, one of them dared to cover his mouth to silence him because “he had been talking all afternoon”, a funny scene that he did not hesitate to share on social networks. This is not the first time that Kiko Hernández boasts of the skill of his two daughters with photography. In addition, they have the ability to do it sneakily when the collaborator is distracted. Photographs loaded with naturalness that hold a very special meaning for the proud dad.

Focused on his professional commitments outside of television

Although he maintains his activity in ‘Sálvame’, Kiko Hernández has followed in the footsteps of Jorge Javier Vázquez and trained on stage with great success. In full tour of Spain, the collaborator could not be happier with the reception and affection of the public. This weekend he has two unmissable dates on the coast: Orihuela and Torrent will have the opportunity to enjoy ‘Yo soy otros’ and the now actor couldn’t be happier.

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