Kiko Hernández brings out his funniest side during a plan with his daughters

Famous Parents Kiko Hernandez

As a child, this is how Kiko Hernández has shown himself during a plan in which he has had a great time with his daughters and which he has boasted about on his social networks

Since he is a father, Kiko Hernández lets see a tender side that until five years ago was hidden. The collaborator is in a time in which he does not lack work. His collaborations in ‘Sálvame’ and his play are just some of the projects that occupy a large part of his time. But among all that hustle and bustle, he always looks for space to make plans with his daughters, creating unforgettable moments in which not only they have a good time. He also enjoys like a child as he has shown with the last photo he has shared on Instagram. Kiko Hernández has taken advantage of Saturday afternoon to enjoy family time. And she has shared the great plan that she has done with her daughters Abril and Jimena because she has had a blast. You just have to see the smile from ear to ear that she has worn in the funny photograph that she has shared and in which she is having a blast in a ball park. “My last five years are a constant game!!”, he has written plethoric the collaborator, who is not willing to miss these great moments with his little ones.Kiko Hernández, very funny in the ball park. Instagram @kikohernandeztv In addition, Kiko Hernández has shown that he dares with everything because… He has also gone down the slide! The collaborator has shown that when it comes to having fun with his daughters, he gives absolutely everything. Although he is very secretive about her private life and he prefers to keep it discreet, since he became a father Kiko does brag from time to time about how happy he is with his girls. And now that Abril and Jimena are 5 years old and can make fun plans like the one they made at the ball park, Kiko plans to enjoy it to the fullest.

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