Kevin Smith worst tweet trends again, and It Is Not Going anywhere

Kevin Smith has tweeted many of the worst tweets on Twitter as according to the sources, everyone raised their voices towards the weird unacceptable behavior. Let’s see more about Kevin Smith worst tweet ever.


History of Kevin Smith worst tweets

Kevin Smith recently made a tweet and somehow it was the worst one again in the making as many of the controversies have been going on this to whether it should be even displayed or be banned by the official website. The audience in number has been standing out against it as he did the same thing back in 2009 when he tweeted about his sex life with his wife that came out awkward and unacceptable as many of the pages regarded it the worst tweet to be ever made and a totally uncalled discussion.Kevin Smith worst tweet

Audience up against the bug tweet

Kevin Smith’s recent tweet is as much disgusting as before as the users claimed it to of low standards and that it should be taken out as no one is looking forward to hearing from this guy but as many say, maybe he’s moving forward with this as a part of being a controversy when paying attention to the past when he did the same thing and went on to be a part of a huge controversial scene, so it could be probable that he is doing this in order to gain fame in the light.

Smith also tried to justify that his words were not in any kind of intention to offend people as this is what he owns in his mind and as he would like to move forward with this. This made a huge blow towards his career also, as many of the fans also regarded this tweet as a totally disrespectful one and to be taken down as soon as he can. Recalling the time when he actually spoke on his wife and it was just a saying for him, but for many, it came out in a number of different ways such as body shaming and harassing.Kevin Smith worst tweet

The number of the audience like to speak up on this as his recent tweet has done the exact same thing and now it seems like it would be a part of a controversy once again until and unless the audience raises their voices through their tweets opposing him of the talks or expressions that he has to make on the internet. The awful mess that he has created on the internet in the past years has been mischief but we would look forward to seeing if we would ever get anything like this again.

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