Kengan Omega Chapter 175 Release Date, Raw Scans, Bonus Spoilers, And Much More

This is your quintessential testosterone-fueled fighting manga! The Japanese manga is a sequel to the original Kengan Ashura and is set 2 years after the previous setting. Read the full article to know the release date of Kengan Omega Chapter 175, raw scans, bonus spoilers, countdown, and much more exciting updates about the series.

Many of the manga enthusiasts who have followed and read the original version consider this sequel as on par with the Kengan Ashura. Surprisingly, this is a rare phenomenon, when a sequel does better than the original. Considering how people gatekeep the original content. Let’s dive into the plot of — Kengan Omega and why you should give it a go!


The plot focuses on Gladiators, people who are compelled to fight in the arenas (particularly contests). This system dates back to the Edo period in Japan and has been going on since then. Affluent business tycoons hire gladiators to fight in the unshielded combat and make fortune for themselves. Gladiators join ‘Kengan Matches’ in the hope of earning and acquiring fame. Our Protagonist Yamashita Kazuo is an ordinary salesman for the Nogi group who happens to stumble upon two fighters fighting in the street.

Kazuo is lured into managing the streetfighter Tokita Ashura Ohma, who was one of the fighters who defeated the Nogi group’s fighter in the aforementioned street combat. His devastatingly powerful strength caught the eyes of many biggest CEO’s of Japan. Having Ohma would be a goldmine for all the leading business owners and would fetch them wealth. He gets included in the Kengan Annihilation Tournament. The stakes are high as the winner will be accorded the seat of Kengan Association chairman. Needless to say, this position holds prestige and power. As the plot unfolds, Ohma’s unknown past haunts him. 

Kengan Omega Chapter 175 Release Date

Kangen omega chapter 175

As of now, 173 chapters of this fighting series have been released for manga readers. As per the schedule, Kengan Omega Chapter 175 will be up for the audience on Wednesday 14th September 2022. Only one week left! Brace yourself with yet another exciting, action-filled new chapter.

One thing that one should know is that there is no need to worry if you have not read the previous original manga Kengan Ashura to read this sequel. the story about the Kengan arena starts off from a very fresh point with no picking up from the previous leftovers. Hence, dear reader, you can pick up this manga as your next without any burden of reading the predecessor. To confirm, this can be read as a standalone manga series as well.

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Kengan Omega Chapter 175 Raw Scans

Kengan Omega chapter 175

To build up greater anticipation and excitement among the fans, creators drop certain photos, snippets, or written hints in the digital print format on all the social media platforms or websites like- Twitter, Tumblr, Reddit, 4chan, and Instagram. This enables a good interaction and creates hype about the manga as it gets talked about in the community. 

Raw Scans of Kengan Omega Chapter 175 will be released 3-4 days before the chapter release. So, they will be available on 10th-11th September 2022. Keep an eye on the above-mentioned websites.

Bonus Spoilers

Kengan Omega chapter 175

The spoilers of Kengan Omega chapter 175 have not been released or known yet. In the previous chapters, there has been some interesting set of developments that makes the series even more entertaining. Various memes have been circulating on the reading and social media platforms inspired by the character’s actions. In chapter 173, we saw Mark Myers getting much smaller than before to win the tournament fighting against Lihito also known as the Superman. This broke the manga fans into pearls of laughter. What lies ahead is nothing but a satisfying reading experience.

Where To Read Kengan Omega Chapter 175?

You can easily read the upcoming Kengan Omega Chapter 175 and all the other chapters released till now exclusively on Kengan Ashura Official website.

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