KBS’s “Crazy Love”, First Impressions

KBS premiered “Crazy Love» made by Kim Jae Wook and Krystal. It is a Comedy, Romance and Drama story that will have 16 episodes. The initial ratings were 3.4% and 2.4% considerably lower than those obtained «moonshine» at its end, the drama it replaced. The competition withA Business Proposal» a production that is seeing its numbers rise also affects it.

This Post Contains SPOILERS!!

“Crazy Love” is a sweet but wild and chaotic romance story between a rude instructor who receives a death threat and his secretary, a shy woman who is terminally ill. The synopsis is: No Go Jin is the most popular math instructor in the field of private education and is the CEO of GOTOP Education. Even though he only has a high school level education, he has achieved all of his success due to his extreme intelligence. He seems like a perfect man with handsome looks, high IQ, and wealth. But he is an unbearable narcissist who has earned as many personal enemies as years of life. One day, he is suddenly warned that he will be killed. Lee Shin A works as No Go Jin’s secretary. She is a diligent and responsible worker who tenaciously pursues her dream of becoming an instructor. Due to her calm and introverted personality, she has little presence with her boss No Go Jin and her co-workers, some of them abusing her passivity, while others begin to recognize her, because she has worked for the irritating No Go Jin for more than 1 year. year, but our protagonist finds out that she does not have much time to live.

Kim Jae Wook will play Noh Go Jin, the narcissistic CEO of the educational company GOTOP and the best math instructor in the country. Krystal She plays Lee Shin Ah, his secretary who doesn’t have much of a presence. Noh Go Jin only trusts one person, his brother. Oh Se Gi, who he thinks saved his life when he was destroyed. They are brothers, but not children of the same father?? Lee Shin Ah doesn’t have a family?? I don’t know, that brother of Noh Go Jin, seems suspicious to me… I don’t think he’s an angel… Well, these were doubts that arose in me in just two episodes where they already showed us what the synopsis is about. Noh Go Jin is an intolerant, disrespectful man, an unbearable narcissistic lout and anyone with half a brain would run as far as possible from him when facing him. Except for Lee Shin A who wants to make the dream that even his father supported come true. He has literally given his life away while he endures the mistreatment of his sick boss, in the name of that dream. Some will see it as a feat, I see it as an equally sick behavior. But since life is a wheel of fortune, where sometimes you are up and sometimes you are down, the conditions have changed. After a crazy confrontation between our protagonists, Noh Go Jin is now in the hands of Lee Shin A, everything she says will be taken as the truth until his boss can recover his lost memory. Well deserved he has it!! We also met Baek Soo Young, someone important to Noh Go Jin and an heiress to a private education corporation who has returned to Korea after a long absence. Inevitably these three will meet and Noh Go Jin’s brother will return from his business trip to interfere in what I hope will be a fun relationship that will have little romantic, our protagonists seem to want to kill each other as soon as they see each other!! The address is from the PD Kim Jung-hyunJugglers«, 2017 and «My Fellow Citizens«, 2019). The script belongs to the writer Kim Bo-gyeom, who only has one special drama under his belt. Well, I’ll keep waiting for it to have fun, I like the actors a lot and I waited a long time for this production.

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