Kanojo Wa Kirei Datta Episode 5 Release Date, Recap, And Spoilers

Kanojo wa Kirei datta Episode 5 will be released after a week’s delay. For now, the reasons for the delay are unknown. It is a Japanese Romantic Comedy Drama directed by Kinoshita Takao. It is based on the Korean original story She was Pretty. The first episode of the show was premiered on 6th July 2021 and from then it’s been releasing every week except for this time. So in this article, we try to bring you every detail about the show Kanojo wa Kirei Datta and also when will Episode 5 be releasing. Read the complete article so you won’t any detail.

Kanojo Wa Kirei Datta Preview

Kanojo wa Kirei data is about Hasebe Sosuke who works as the deputy editor-in-chief for the fashion magazine – The Most. It is the Japanese version of the magazine which he works for and the magazine us released in 30 countries worldwide. He is not a very friendly and pessimistic kind of a person in one word He is a Rationalist. He now works in the New York branch after being transferred to complete a mission. His Childhood was not at all easy. Being fat he has to face some harsh realities where he was bullied most of the time. His only comfort was a girl who always stood by him and he fell for her. But now things are different, a handsome elite now, he seeks to meet his love his friend again.

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Kanojo Wa Kirei Datta Episode 5 Release Date, Recap, And Spoilers

Now talking about our female lead, Sato Ai resides with her best friend and currently is unemployed. She worked for a company that went bankrupt. After some time she was hired as a helper. Her nature is quite cheerful and remains energetic. Apart from that, she is beautiful and honest too. In her youth, She was beautiful and was top of her class but now she is more of a self-conscious person. She meets Sosuke her childhood friend again but she decided not to reveal her identity. Sosuke unaware that his love is with him only seeks to find her. Let’s have a quick recap of what had happened in Kanojo wa Kirei Datta.


Before moving further with the Kanojo Wa Kirei Datta Episode 5 release date, let’s get a quick recap.

Ai was fired on her 28th birthday and was depressed. Just then she received a text message from Sosuke who was back from the USA and wanted to meet her. She decides to meet him but when he sees him not as a fat boy but a handsome man, she feared of being disliked for her terrible and unfashionable appearance. But she also had a crush on him and she doesn’t want to hurt him. As a result, She sent Risa, her best friend to meet him as Ai. Thinking Risa to be Ai Sosuke was very pleased to meet her. It was his desire to live with Ai back in childhood too but she tells him that she will be leaving for the UK for studies. After that incident, she makes her mind not to meet him again.

She gets hired by a publishing company to work in the editorial department of the Japanese Fashion Magazine The Most. Having a terrible sense of fashion she was amazed when she enters this new world from which she was distanced till now. But much to her surprise Sosuke is their creative director and deputy editor who has return to help the magazine make fortunes. Working together they come through various situations and Ai has to keep her secret from him. Konojo was Kirei datta Episode 5 is sure to bring more drama to this show, don’t miss it.

Kanojo Wa Kirei Datta Episode 5 Release Date, Recap, And Spoilers

Spoilers Alert!

As per the previous episode 4 of Kanojo Wa Kirei Datta, we can expect to see how the chemistry works between Hasebe Sosuke and Higuchi Takuya. We can see whether Sati Ai overcome her fear of losing herself and unleash her true identity in front of Hasebe Sosuke. To know more spoilers, thrilling narrations, and tense situational scenes of Kanojo Wa Kirei Datta Episode 5 stay tuned with us for amazing updates and details.

Kanojo Wa Kirei Datta Episode 5 Release Date

Kanojo wa Kirei datta Episode 5 is scheduled to be released on 10th August 2021. Also to make up for the week when no episode was released two Episodes 5 and 6 will be released on the same day. Viewers will be able to stream the Episode at 9:00 PM Tuesday JST on Fuji TV. The show will have a total of 10 episodes of 60 min each. Apart from Fuji TV, it can be streamed on WeTV as well.

Kanojo Wa Kirei Datta Episode 5 Where To Watch?

Do you want to know what the upcoming Episode that is Kanojo Wa Kirei Datta Episode 5 has in store? Then, go and watch Kanojo Wa Kirei Datta Episode 5 and other previous episodes on Dramacool and Viu as they exclusively premiere on the date of release. After two or more weeks later, all episodes of Kanojo Wa Kirei Datta will be available online on Youtube.

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