Junho, First Idol to win the «Korea PD Award»

Jun Ho , who is active as a singer and actor, enjoyed the honor of winning the Best Actor award at the “Korea PD Awards.” This is the first time that someone who started in the industry as an idol has obtained this recognition. On April 6, the Korea PD Association released the award results in each category for the 34th Korea PD Awards.

Jun Ho who was loved by the MBC drama “ The Red Sleeve ”, was selected as the winner of the talent category, attracting attention. This award is given to a single actor, that is, men and women compete in the same category, and this award is also significant, since those who judge and select the winner are the titular producers. actors like Cha In Pyo, Ryu Seung Beom, Song Il Guk, Kim Myung Min, Ko Hyun Jung, Shin Ha Kyun, Song Joong Ki, Kim Nam Gil and Nam Goong Min they have won the same award from the “Korea PD Awards”. Among all of them, Jun Ho became the first idol to win the award, making media headlines in Korea. “When I first heard that I would be receiving this award, I was extremely happy,” he said. lee junho. “In addition to all the love I received from viewers, I think it was a time when I was able to receive praise for working hard until now as an actor from the PDs who enjoyed watching the drama and sent me a lot of love.” The star also expressed her gratitude to the cast and crew of “The Red Sleeve” and commented, “I realized many things while filming [el drama], and it was a stage where everyone encouraged each other, gave each other strength, praised each other, were considerate of each other, and cared for each other. I think the happy atmosphere on the film set created a great drama.”

In the drama The Red Sleeve ” which ended in January this year, Jun Ho perfectly played the role of Lee Saint and was recognized for his excellent acting talent. The director of “The Red Sleeve”, Jung Ji Inreceived the Daesang (Grand Prize) for PD of the Year, while the award for Best Drama went to “ Youth of May ” from KBS.

Lee Do Hyun and Go Min Si in “Youth of May” Congratulations Oppa and congratulations to the other winners too!! Credits Soompi

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