Jung Hae In Might Join “The Tree Dies Standing”

in february this year Kang Ha Neul confirmed his lead role in upcoming KBS drama «The Tree Dies Standing» or “Trees Die on Their Feet” who started giving news about his cast in September 2021, «The Tree Dies Standing«, translated into Spanish would be «The trees die standing», is about an old North Korean woman who does not have much time to live and a theater actor who acts as her grandson to fulfill her last wish.

Kang Ha Neul has confirmed his participation in the story where he will play Yoo Jae Heon, an optimistic character brimming with self-love and self-esteem despite growing up in difficult conditions. With his life motto: “Do what you want to do”, Yoo Jae Heon lives as an unknown stage actor from a local theater company. He receives an unexpected request from an old man to act as someone’s grandson and experiences a major turning point in his life.

Kang Ha Neul in “When Camellia Blooms” It was revealed that Jung Hae In is in talks to join the production, where he would re-team with Son Ye Jinbut the character that would develop would be the secondary male, because the protagonist is Kang Ha Neul. The character offered Jung Hae In He is a chaebol named Bae Dong Jae, heir to the Samwoo chaebol group who owns a retail chain. With his good looks, he gives off a natural aristocratic aura with every little thing he does. Since Bae Dong Jae backs up his words with strong logic and conviction, he may hear that he is rude, but he will never hear that his words are meaningless. He is the kind of person who can’t help but be recognized even if he seems unpleasant.

Jung Hae In in “Snowdrop” It is said that until now the lady Youn Yu Jung already confirmed along with Kang Ha Neul and in fact although one of the sites mentions that this is an offer for Jung Hae In, another says that already confirmed. Then Son Ye Jin she’s the only one who hasn’t confirmed so she probably won’t join. I like that Jung Hae In he challenges himself by taking a secondary role because these are roles that tend to have more emotional movement in the plot and he shows his commitment to his career rather than the search for fame and popularity.

Youn Yuh Jung In 2019’s “Never Twice” Upcoming Drama To Be Directed By Director yoon sang ho from ” River Where the Moon Rises ”, “ King Maker: The Change of Destiny ” and ” Saimdang, Light’s Diary”, the script is the work of the screenwriter Jo Sung Geol from “Hitman: Agent Jun ” and “Midnight Runners«. Given the Kang Ha Neul He has previously worked with both the director and the screenwriter, so the synergy to expect can be quite good. Credits Soompi

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