Julie And The Phantoms Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Spoiler & More


Julie And The Phantoms is an American musical comedy-drama television series which is based on the Brazilian television series Julie e os Fantasmas. Furthermore, keep reading the article to know more about Julie And The Phantoms Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Spoiler & More.

Julie And The Phantoms tell you about the story of Julie Molina which is played by Madison Reyes. It follows the story of a high school teenage girl who loves to make music. However, after her mother died she is struggling during her journey. But then something happens came into her life. She suddenly found out about the ghost band 1995 and eventually sign her agreement to fulfill her dreams with their support. This music-comedy series is directed by well-known director, Kenny Ortega. Let’s discuss everything about Julie And The Phantoms Season 2.

Julie And The Phantoms Season 2: Spoiler

Julie And The Phantoms season 2 spoiler give you a slite thought about the next season. Till now we know this show is based on the Brazilian television series ” Julie e os Fantasmas”. A 15 years old girl Julie Molina and with her three ghost members such as Luke the lead guitarist, Alex the drummer, and Reggie the bass player. Her life gets completely changed when she formed a band with them. and Julie and her ghost members start performing in various places. Even the band members helped her to build confidence around people and in music.

Season 1 has left us unfinished suspense behind in the series. Therefore, there is hope that season 2 will be going to come. Caleb Covington takes over Nick’s body for evil motives and it’s still a drought that weather the main protagonist becomes the love interest for the ghost members?. By the end of the episode, will all the ghost members become spirits? This is the biggest mystery that might we need to find out in next season. The series has gone much more popular among the fans and they are eager to know what will happen in the next plot.

Julie And The Phantoms Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Spoiler & More

When “Ortega told Digital Spy”, it leaves you in suspense that something magical is going to come and this is not the end of three characters. Like the actors of the series are looking forward to next season 2. Right now there is no such announcement for the next season by the team. Let’s hope that they would announce their next reunion.

Cast Of Julie And The Phantoms Season 2

The Cast Of Julie And The Phantoms Season 2 have not been disclosed yet by the creators of the show. But, it might be the chance that in next season we would going to have the same actors. The cast members of the series are Madison Reyes who plays the lead character as Julie Molina. She is an American actress who is known for playing the titular in the series. Charlie Gillespie plays the role of  Luke. In the series, he will be the singer and the lead guitarist of the Phantoms. Owen Patrick Joyner plays the role of Alex. He is the drummer of the Phantoms.

Jeremy Shada plays the role of Reggie. In the series, he will be the bass player of the Phantoms. There will be another character who will be seen in the upcoming season like Cheyenne Jackson plays the character of Caleb, Booboo Stewart plays the character of Willie, Savannah May plays the character of Carrie, and Jadah Marie players the character of Flynn.

 More To Know Julie And The Phantoms S2

According to the rumor and media outlets, Julie And The Phantoms Season 2 is one of the enjoyable series which is loved by the audience. This series revolves around the love of the music which Julie and her ghost band have. Fans have high expectations for Carrie in season two. We like to see the character development of Cordelia from Buffy. Fans are hoping that the creators should put more scenes of Alex and Reggie because their roles are just so sweet and cute. The audience is just excited to see what kinds of power boys will show. What kinds of power will be grown in the next season.

In an interview with TVLine, executive producers David Hoge and Dan Cross have spoken about the next upcoming season. They told that if they are planning to have season 2 then there would be a lot of mysterious scenes of the ghost members. Members always want that their music should hear by the world. In an interview with Collider, the lead actress revel that she would love to see more romance and love triangle scenes. Whatever it takes they wanted to fulfill their dreams. But in the end, they have to face many obstacles in their journey or with themselves.

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Julie And The Phantoms Season 2: Release Date

Julie And The Phantoms Season 2 is not yet officially announced by the Netflix or the authorities of the show. It might be chances that the next season would be released in 2022. You can watch Season 1 which is already been treated on the official account of Netflix. It is consists of 9 episodes. The IMDb rating of season 1 is 8.5/10 which is pretty good. The runtime of each episode is 24-38 minutes. Till now watch the official trailer of Julie And The Phantoms Season 1 and Stay tuned with us for further updates.

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