Jorge Javier Vázquez’s scare live forces him to stop the ‘Deluxe’ cold

Saturday Deluxe Jorge Javier Vázquez

“It smells of burning!” Exclaimed Jorge Javier Vázquez who was forced to suddenly stop the interview with Ivonne Reyes

Ivonne Reyes was exposing her version of the story that will bind her to Pepe Navarro for life when Jorge Javier Vázquez did not hesitate to stop the program visibly scared. “Smells like burnt!“, Warned the presenter trying to find the source of the problem without success. “It’s not a joke, I’m serious, don’t you smell it?”she asked her companions without being able to hide her unease. Belén Esteban got up from her chair and left the set in search of the source of the smell. “It comes from behind, but there is no flame”, manifested while Jorge Javier followed in his footsteps to verify it personally. For a few seconds, the program was left without a presenter and the rest of the collaborators looked at each other without understanding anything. “Patricia, what do we do? Can we continue?” Antonio Rossi asked the director of the program, unable to avoid laughing.Jorge Javier Vázquez stops ‘Sábado Deluxe’ Mediaset dry Fortunately, everything has ended in a scare and the program has been able to continue with the interview with Ivonne Reyes with total normality. Belén Esteban showed off his sense of humor and asked the audience if they had been to blame: “You haven’t burned anything back there, have you?” He joked.

Jorge Javier says goodbye to Carlota Corredera

This Friday, Carlota Corredera said goodbye to ‘Sálvame’ after 13 years. A bittersweet farewell in which tears have not been lacking. Jorge Javier Vázquez did not hesitate to enter by phone to dedicate some nice words to his partner and friend. “We’ve been through so many things… Wow, even that a person has left us”, he remembered referring to Mila Ximénez. During his intervention, the presenter pointed out that they are “puppeteers”, which implies that “you have to take the canvas and go somewhere else (…) I love you very much and see you very soon”, he concluded.

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