Jorge Javier Vázquez gets wet and reveals his pool before the imminent premiere of ‘Survivors 2022’

part of the success of Jorge Javier Vazquez It lies, in addition to his professionalism, in his naturalness and sense of humor when it comes to being in charge of reality shows. Before the imminent premiere of ‘Survivors 2022’, the presenter has gotten wet and has made his own pool about what may or may not happen between the contestants in the Cayos Cochinos. Anabel Pantoja or Kiko Matamoros who, in addition to being colleagues, are friends, they unite a list of the most varied characters that promise to give a lot to talk about. Juan Muñoz, Desi, Tania Medina, Ainhoa, Ignacio de Borbón… they have all arrived in Honduras with the goal of winning, but what role will they play?Marta Peñate, Anabel Pantoja and Desi are for him the three clear candidates to leave the contest. Jorge Javier Vázquez is very clear that Kiko Matamoros will make a good tandem with Charo Vega, but what about Anabel? The collaborator of ‘Sálvame’ also occupies the first place in his pool when it comes to leaders, although his teammates will not make it easy for him. Regarding the first confrontations, the blogger from Lecturas points to Marta Peñate and Desi as the great revolutionaries: “They are going to go against the world,” he says. The tests are always very important to stay as long as possible on the island and for Jorge Javier the contestant who will give the surprise will be Yulen Pereira. Will the presenter be wrong? Do you agree with him?

All the news of ‘Survivors 2022’

This Thursday, April 21, the new edition of ‘Survivors’ opens, a long-awaited premiere by viewers that comes loaded with news. This time, the dynamic has changed. The mythical jumps from the helicopter will mark the teams that will live separately in Playa Royale and Playa Fatal, but they will not be the only ones since Playa Paraíso will also come into play. In addition, the votes will be free to promote the participation of the entire public and a ‘parasite’ will appear that will give much to talk about. This starts NOW!

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