Jorge Javier shares a photo with Marta Riesco that has gone viral

Photon shared this afternoon by Jorge Javier Vázquez! Our blogger has dedicated the blog to him today that he has Marta Riesco in our magazine and in it he has written everything he thinks about the reporter. But it seems that she has not felt bad because they have posed together. After weeks in which he has sent her a message and they have even exchanged a few words between programs or live connections, today they have finally met again in the corridors of Telecinco and they have not hesitated to become a photo in good vibes plan that has revolutionized the networks because nobody expected it.While Jorge Javier has presented ‘Sálvame’ this afternoon, Marta Riesco has been at her job on ‘The Ana Rosa Program’. And between one program and another they have passed through the corridors and far from escaping or starring in a moment of tension, they have been smiling in a selfie that our blogger has not hesitated to share on his Twitter and Instagram profile. And not only that! She has referred to Marta as “my new best friend”.

Despite his position with Marta Riesco, Jorge Javier knows well that the journalist is one of the most talked about people at the moment. So he has put aside his opinion and has even been amused with this great moment to which many followers of both have already reacted. Now we just need to know if they have exchanged a word or not. Have they commented on Jorge Javier’s blog post? Has the presenter told him what he thinks of his relationship with Antonio David? Will he have proposed to work on ‘Sálvame’? Has Marta told Jorge what he thinks of the comments he has made about her? We will have to wait to see if one or the other tells it in the next few hours.

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